If man kind is to survive we need to find better ways to improve our relationship with mother earth. We must be vigilant in our approach! There are far too many people that never take any time at all to consider their carbon footprint. They know not what effect they have on the planet at all. Many people never take any time to think about what effect their existence is actually having. I don’t blame them because it is a lot to wrap your mind around. When I first started taking into consideration exactly what long term effect I was having on our surrounding environment, I wanted to do everything I could to not only stop what I was doing to damage the planet. I also wanted to try reversing as many of these negative effects that myself or others were causing.

If we are to change the way the world works we must lead the way. We can not expect others to fall in line with a new philosophy of environmental protection first if we were not willing and able to show them the way through our own actions. I started to gather like minded individuals to discuss and think up new and more effective ways we could not only personally improve the damage caused locally by our actions but also improve our environment nationally as well as globally. You see it is not enough for us to watch our own immediate surroundings while ignoring the nation or global need for the same type of action. We wanted to maximize the effect we could have in all of the above categories and we came up with an excellent program that we feel can help in the long term with real results.

What we need to make this happen is not only vigilance in our community but in our nation and indeed around the globe. It all starts right here at home though. We began a multi faceted initiative. The men from out neighborhood monitor and cleanup at least 1 distressed property in our city per month. We also began a recycling initiative for our neighborhood children to run. They have the chance to make extra money while improving the environment. An added benefit is that they keep busy because as we all know idle hands are the devils playground. Our wives have all started gardens in the back yards and we come together to deliver fresh vegetables, breads, canned goods and other household items to at least 1 family in need per week. We hold weekly meetings and we take input on planning, properties, and families needing our assistance. It’s only a start but it goes a long way for helping out in our area.