Undoubtedly, the biggest single category of online gambling is online slots. They’re so widespread that you’ll find them not only at online casinos but also at every other major type of online gambling website: sportsbooks, bingo halls, poker rooms, et cetera. There are even dedicated online slots websites, where you might find a few video poker games but otherwise it’s all about the slots, man…

If you’re a US player, then head over to searches for “online slots usa” where you can play without legal concerns that plague many of the international casinos. Our favs are the rooms with the best and most reliable payouts, least hassle with collecting and easiest to play games. DeckMedia is one organization with many sites that meet these requirements.

If your idea of slot machines is the classic one-armed bandit or fruit machine, then you have part of the picture. Many of the online slots are authentic re-creations of the classic slots of yesteryear (and we do mean yesteryear — the basic slot machine design was already in use at the turn of LAST century, and honestly hasn’t changed too drastically in the following century!). The virtual models have all of the details down: the gleam of the glass over the reels, the shiny brass handles, the wood grain, the coin slots.

About halfway through last century, slots got an electro-mechanical makeover. The slot machines that you would have seen during the heyday of Las Vegas glamor sported more advanced bells and whistles, including a button to replace the handle (though the handles were almost universally retained, and used probably more often than the buttons anyway!). Such transitional slots are also well-represented by the wide range of online slots available.

The final stage (for the land-based casinos, anyway) came with the beginnings of the Computer Age. The slots finally lost those big mechanical parts as the reels and almost everything else inside were replaced by computer-controlled video. This inspired some creative twists on the basic slot design, including more reels and paylines as well as ‘bonus features’ which could do things like extend play, multiply payouts, or serve as wild cards.

These were but a step away from the standard “video bonus slots” that make up the lion’s share of the online slots available at an online casino USA or elsewhere. The Internet Age has made possible some amazingly creative features, unfettered by any mechanical or physical limitations. Progressive jackpots are a perfect example of an idea that may have been born in a land-based casino but took on a whole new life when connected to millions of players all over the world…

Online slots is quickly becoming one of the most popular games around the world.

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