Why BadBuster?
Because good planets are hard to find. And we want to do our bit for this one.

How it works
We collect environmental ratings of brands and companies into our BadBuster database. We don’t rate brands or companies ourselves. By installing BadBuster, all brand names and company names (in our ever-growing database) in web text will be tagged with a color and an environmental score. The color and the score tells you how environmentally responsible the brand or the company is. If you pause the cursor above the name, a bubble will show further info. And from the bubble you’re a click away from the homepage where you can find out more about the company, how it compares to others in the same industry, and what its environmental polices are.

The purpose
The bad guys can run, but they can’t hide. And at the same time, companies that are environmentally friendly will be immediately recognizable. No longer does one have to burrow through loads of environmental info to find out if companies are acting responsibly, or not, for the environment. It’s all there on the web page at all times. We hope that BadBuster will raise awareness about brands and companies. But in the long run we also hope BadBuster will encourage companies to improve their environmental standards.

There is no excuse for it but even in today, when we know all of the negative effects on our planet some companies do not take steps to ensure they are environmentally friendly at all. Some companies do not consider the environment when making decisions on packaging or production. Some businesses do not even offer the employees a recycling can to throw out recyclable materials.

And since my mom started on her online slots kick, been wondering about those online casinos – how do they stack up? She’s been visiting these affiliate sites that refer her to recommended sites with slots for US players that have the best features, offers, giveaways, etc. But online casinos impact the environment in indirect ways, so I’m going to have to look into this more carefully before I open my mouth when chatting with her.

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The Public Beta
This is a beta and we’re working day and night to make it harder, better, faster, and stronger. The website and the plugin is being developed by the nice guys at Awave, www.awave.se .

For more details read the FAQ

If you want to get in touch – contact us at [email protected]

The BadBuster Team

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