New Year’s Updates

Update: well, I’m finishing up with the research for my USA Players Top List, and I’ve never had so much fun doing homework. Expect to see that page pop up as soon as possible, given that I’m still wrangling over my loan refinancing and various other personal economic tweaks.

My wife had an issue just recently when she was trying to purchase some Noriko Wigs at an e-commerce wig boutique. Although the sale apparently went through without a hitch, for some reason her credit card company red flagged the purchase as suspicious and they rejected the purchase from the store. She was notified of the rejected credit card and a hold was placed on the order. After calling the credit company, she was told that the store should just put through the credit card again. She called the store’s customer service folks who then told my wife that she needed to place the order again, which she did. Who knows what goes on in the nether regions but somehow the credit card company ended up with seeing two orders placed for Noriko Wigs and charged her account accordingly. A week later the Noriko wigs arrived…2 orders worth. Stunning wigs, my wife loved the styles and colors, but she didn’t need or want the duplicates. A phone call to the wig boutique and to the credit card company and the opps moment became even more complicated. My wife didn’t want to pay the “restocking” fee for returning the wigs, the wig boutique agreed, but I think they ended up on the short end of the stick, since the wig manufacturer, Noriko, would not accept back the wigs. Apparently the wig boutique doesn’t keep the wigs they sell in stock, but have them dropped shipped from the wig manufacturer. I hope they can sell the “returned” wigs. The only entity that seemed to not be unaffected by the whole brouhaha was the credit card company. It took a month before the 2nd credit card amount was credited to my wife’s account. She had to pay the full bill before then and later get the credit. Credit cards are convenient, but when things get messed up, the time to unravel the issues can stretch out interminably, but I digress.

While I’m somewhat near the subject, also on the back burner is a page specifically dedicated to payment methods. While there’s little shortage of online casinos that accept Visa, there’s still plenty of players who would like info about other credit cards, not to mention e-wallets and pre-paid cards.

There’s also a number of people who are bit confused (and often frustrated) by the major differences that most online casinos have between deposit methods and withdrawal methods. I’ll include the info on my page, but for the time being, here’s the simple version: there’s usually about three times as many ways to deposit as there are to withdraw. Check first, avoid heartache later.

Oh, and if you use a credit card, you’re almost certainly going to have to validate it the first time you use it at the online casino, and that can take some time (and probably a fax).

Many more helpful tips like this when I get my work done!

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